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We have classic flavor cakes, custom made flavor cakes and ready made cakes. Just bring your cake idea and flavor and we’ll make it happen.

Ready Made Cakes

Cakes you can find in our store. Available in 6″ and 8″
Limited number available in the shop. Call for availability.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Strawberry Love Cake

Love Cake

Brownie Molten
Brownie Molten Cake
Lemon Raspberry

Raspberry Cake

Cake Flavor Options

Classic Flavors and Fillings: These are some of our more basic cake flavors and filling options. So Classically delicious!

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Marble
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple
  • Red Velvet
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Chocolate Cream
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Pinapple
  • Lemon

Custom Cake Flavor Options: Did you know that any cupcake flavor can be turned into a cake?! Get creative with the flavor of your next custom cake. But don’t forget about the classics! Link to all cupcake flavors.

lemon-raspberry.jpgTo Cake
lemon-raspberry.jpgFrom Cupcake...

Custom Cake Flavors

Choose from over 50+ custom flavors!

  • Triple ChocolateChocolate chip cake topped with chocolate buttercream

  • S’moresChocolate cake, marshmallow filling, chocolate buttercream topped with a toasted s’more

  • Mint Chocolate ChipMint chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream

  • Chocolate Candy BarChocolate cake with a creamy light candy bar frosting

  • MochaCoffee infused chocolate cake with chocolate coffee buttercream

  • Dark Chocolate CaramelDark Chocolate cake, caramel filling, ganache dipped with caramel buttercream topping

  • Oh Yeah Ding DongChocolate cake, vanilla buttercream filling, ganache dipped

  • Chocolate Covered PretzelChocolate cake with baked in pretzel pieces, chocolate buttercream with a chocolate covered pretzel on top

  • Chocolate TurtleChocolate caramel pecan cake with chocolate buttercream topped with pecans, caramel and ganache drizzle

  • Peanut Butter ChocolateChocolate cake with peanut butter cups baked in, peanut butter frosting and ganache drizzle

  • Coffee CakeCrumbly cinnamon brown sugar coffee cake with icing drizzle

  • Boston Cream PieVanilla cupcake, ganache filled with vanilla cream topping and chocolate drip

  • Banana SplitVanilla chocolate swirl cake, banana cream filling, vanilla buttercream topped with chocolate drizzle, cherry and banana chip

  • French Toast Maple BaconVanilla cinnamon maple cake, bacon maple buttercream with bacon topping

  • Strawberry Short CakeVanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling topped with vanilla buttercream and more fresh strawberries

  • Caramel CheesecakeVanilla caramel cake, caramel filling, cheesecake frosting

  • Root Beer FloatRoot beer cream filled cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Black ForestDark chocolate cake, cherry filling, vanilla buttercream with chocolate shavings

  • NutellaChocolate cake with nutella filling, and nutella buttercream

  • German ChocolateChocolate cake topped with coconut and pecan german chocolate frosting

  • Chocolate RaspberryChocolate cake with raspberry filling, and raspberry buttercream

  • Dark Chocolate CoconutDark chocolate cake topped with coconut cream cheese icing and chocolate drizzle

  • Fruity PebblesFruity Pebbles cake with vanilla buttercream and fruity pebble topping

  • Vanilla CreamVanilla cake, Vanilla cream filling topped with vanilla buttercream

  • Berry CheesecakeBerry filled cake with berry filling and cheesecake icing

  • Toasted CoconutToasted coconut cake with coconut buttercream topped with toasted coconut

  • Coconut CreamCoconut cake, coconut cream filling, coconut buttercream

  • Blueberry PancakeVanilla blueberry cake, vanilla buttercream topped with mini blueberry pancakes

  • Orange CreamsicleOrange cream filled orange cake with vanilla buttercream

  • Big Red FloatBig Red infused cake with Big Red cream filling and buttercream

  • Lemon MeringueLemon cake with lemon filling and a torched meringue topping

  • Lemony LemonLemon cake with lemon filling topped with cream cheese and a fresh lemon slice

  • Lemon BlueberryLemon blueberry cake with blueberry lemon icing

  • Strawberry LemonadeStrawberry lemon swirl cake with a strawberry lemonade cream cheese

  • Pina ColadaPineapple cake topped with pineapple cream rum topping and coconut

  • Peach CobblerBrown sugar cinnamon peach upside down cake

  • SnickerdoodleVanilla cinnamon cake, vanilla buttercream topped with cinnamon sugar

  • Confetti and Champagneconfetti cake with champagne buttercream

  • Strawberry Shortcake CrunchVanilla strawberry swirl cake, strawberry cream filling, strawberry buttercream with golden cookie crumble on top

  • Black & whiteHalf chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, half vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

  • Raspberry CheesecakeVanilla raspberry swirl cake with raspberry filling and cheesecake icing

  • Apple Pie CupcakeVanilla cinnamon cake with apple pie filling, buttercream and fresh baked pie crust topping

  • Wedding CakeVanilla almond cake with vanilla buttercream

  • NeapolitanVanilla, chocolate and strawberry cake

  • Happy CakeVanilla rainbow cake!

  • French ToastMaple vanilla cinnamon cake with vanilla cinnamon buttercream

  • Raspberry SwirlRaspberry swirled cake with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream

  • ElvisBanana cake with peanut butter frosting, ganache filling and drizzle

  • Banana NutBanana nut cake with cream cheese and nut toppings

  • Banana Cream PieBanana cake with banana cream filling and vanilla buttercream

  • Banana NutellaNutella filled banana cake with chocolate nutella buttercream

  • Italian Cream Cake – Coconut pecan cake with coconut pecan cream cheese icing

  • Tiramisu CupcakeEspresso infused vanilla cake with a light mascarpone frosting dusted in cocoa powder

  • Tres LechesMilk soaked vanilla sponge cake topped with fresh whipped cream

  • Apple CakeSpiced fresh apple cake with cream cheese icing

How to Order

Our cakes are handcrafted with love!
Keep in mind that we do take 4 to 6 weeks notice for all custom cake orders.

If you’d like to order, you can contact us by visiting our store, sending a message via FaceBook, by email or by phone.


Be sure to include your important details such as DATE, SERVING SIZE, IDEA/PICTURE INSPIRATION.

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